Tenant Maintenance Request
In order to keep a record of your maintenance requests and to respond to them promptly, please complete the Tenant Maintenance Request Form below.
Regular maintenance issues shall be completed during regular business hours at regular service rates. Please be advised: loss to your personal property is only
covered under your renter’s insurance policy. Please Email Lili Starks   
In Case Of Emergency:
In any emergency that is an immediate threat to life, health or the property, call 911 immediately!
Other emergencies include, but are not limited to, severe emergencies such as fire, flood, sewage flowing into the home, gas odors, broken water pipes, heat
failure at temperatures below 45 degrees, A/C failure at temperatures above 90 degrees, etc.

If it is found to be a false emergency or an emergency that never existed, you will be charged for the service call from the contractor who responds to the call.

Tenant Responsibilities:
Tenants may not call a repairman on their own. If you do, you will be solely responsible for the bill. You will not be reimbursed for this cost.
Damages caused by abuse or misuse of any component at the property will be charged to the tenant. We will rely solely upon the service contractor to inform us
as to the cause of the problem. (An example is a golf ball or toy that has been dropped down the toilet. The only way to find the source of the damage is to tear
into plumbing or potentially break the toilet in half. The cost to repair/replace and pay the plumber is the tenant’s responsibility.)
Under some circumstances, if you make an appointment with a contractor and you or a person 18 years or older is not present when the contractor arrives, then
the contractor will not enter the property and you will be charged the trip charge.

It is the Responsibility of the Tenant to change the Air Filters every 30 days.

If Tenant fails to replace dirty air filters, the tenant will be  charged for the repairman's service and repair costs of
the unit.
Please provide the following for appliance repair request
A.        Brand Name
B.        Model number
C.        Top loading/front loading
Plumbing- Turn off the water to prevent damages
A.        Location
B.        Faucet/shower/bathroom
Air Conditioning
A.        Upstairs/Downstairs
B.        Thermostat working and have batteries:
Please send  A photo of the problem and description so we can better inform the Owner and the Service Technician.
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